logo i 12 punti

1. No more fixed-term contracts

An extraordinary recruitment plan to hire 150 thousand teachers by September 2015, putting an immediate stop to the current .waiting list. system.

2. From 2016, only qualified teachers

40 thousand qualified young new teachers will be hired between 2016 and 2019. From now on, teachers will be hired only via a public competition, as provided by the Italian Constitution. We do not want any more .waiting lists. lasting for decades.

3. No more replacements (supplenze)

The extraordinary recruitment plan will provide schools with a stable staff of teacher to cover vacant positions and leaves, ensuring the continuity in teaching that students deserve, and extending teaching hours to full-time.

4. Career: quality, evaluation & merit

Career shifts: from automatic pay rises connected to the length of service to quality. Every 3 years, 2 out of 3 of teachers will receive an increase of 60 Euro net per month on the basis of the quality of teaching, training and contribution to the development of their school. From 2015, each public school in the sector will publish a Self-Assessment Report and an Improvement Plan.

5. The School system gets up-to-date: training & innovation

Professional development schemes, mandatory and based on peer collaboration. To foster a new generation of educators, in search of the Don Milani, Maria Montessori and Loris Malaguzzi of the 21st century.

6. The School system gets transparent: open data & registers

From 2015, each school will publish its budget, a Self-Evaluation Report and all funded projects in details in open-data. A national register of teachers will support school principals to enhance their staff and the school teaching plan.

7. Unlatching red tape

We will identify the 100 most burdensome rules for schools together with principals, teachers, administrative staff and students. And we will repeal them.

8. Digital schools

Matching fund schemes to reach each school with high-speed internet and Wi-Fi. Co-designing of refreshed digital services for the schools, to enhance transparency and reduce costs.

9. Cultura in corpore sano

Betting on the very best of being Italian: more music and sports in primary schools and more Art history in secondary schools.

10. New literacy

Stronger curricula for foreign languages from primary schools. Digital skills: coding and development of computational thinking at primary schools and Digital Makers Plan at high school. Economic principles will be taught in all secondary schools.

11. .School-at-work.

Mandatory vocational training during the last 3 years of technical and professional curricula, for at least 200 hours per year. Extending pilots of didactic enterprise. Strenghtening experimental training experiences.

12. School for all, all for School

We will make the Budget for the Improvement of the didactical offer (MOF) stable and render its use transparent, linking the allocation of funds to the school Improvement Plan. We plan to attract private resources (from citizens, foundations, companies), through tax incentives and fast-track administrative procedures.